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Message from Montague Keen, March 19, 2017: “What are all these people frightened of? EXPOSURE.”

I changed gears on sharing the full text of these messages.  Though we are now at a point where higher vibrational energies have reached what I consider to be a critical mass, I still think that his messages play a … Continue reading

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Oil, Money, Population- F. William Engdahl, “Rockefeller, Gruesome Legacy”

I think this adds a few good points on david rockefeller’s influence in affairs.  I’ll let the piece do the talking. Do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth. Enjoy. D. Rockefeller’s Gruesome Legacy – reading

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Topics of Concern: The Global Biometric Database

I wasn’t aware of this until it was mentioned on the Corbett Report.  I highly encourage you to watch the video, read through the list, and definitely go through the comments section of the CR post page- there’s lots of … Continue reading

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Via Kauilapele’s blog- The Millennium Report 1-12-17… “Defeated, The New World Order Has Been Halted”

I would consider this a supplement to the interview of David Wilcock on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church. I’ve been reading the Millenium Report / Event Chronicle for almost two years now.  I have no idea who the authors or … Continue reading

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Via Kauilapele’s blog- “David Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM 1-13-17… ‘Antarctica & Atlantis/Open Lines”

[The implications are huge.  I’ll just leave it at that.  I don’t think I can say anything more. -Brian If you are coming across the topic tags (that are listed with this post) for the first time, the beginning of … Continue reading

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Message from Montague – “Come together and you will have the freedom that human beings crave.”

Source Message from Montague Keen, 11/27/16 The Cabal is playing games with the minds of men. They do enjoy seeing you turn on each other. This is how they have always controlled you . . .  it works !  Use … Continue reading

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November Webbot Summary

Purchase your webbot reports here for $15 I’ve been trying to figure out what the best format to share this info is, and this month I’m going to do a VERY brief summary of content, and throw in jsnip4’s vid … Continue reading

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