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Max Igan and the Insidious Dangers of the 5G Network

Max Igan is an activist directly plugged into the low-frequency manifestations of our world. ┬áHe speaks on issues and calls upon Humanity to take action in many ways. If you’ve never listened to anything by Max, he requires quite a … Continue reading

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Max Igan – The Crow House “Donald Trump and The Future”

Max’s commentary on Donald Trump, the implications and possibilities with him as President, and the reactions by the powers that be (were). “Get your popcorn, folks and hold on to your hat, because you haven’t seen nothin’ yet.”

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Interview, Max Igan on FreemanTV

I’m putting my notes in ftont this time. Austrailia getting shoved into the rabbit hole; Perth is gone batshit- It’s been turned into the model of the global corporate town- heavy corporate presence, surveilance cameras everywhere, doing everything-digital dance (aka … Continue reading

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