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Dolores Cannon Planetary Transformation: The Coming New Earth — Deus Nexus

This is a good message from Dolores (while she was alive) about the changes going on around us (and within us) right now. As always, do your research, use discernment, and seek to find your truth. Enjoy. Dolores Cannon Planetary … Continue reading

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Meditation – Barbara Marciniak, How We Make Happiness

Barbara Marcinak is a  medium  who channels information shared by beings in the Pleaides star system. In this meditarion, the focus is on the changes occurring within us from an individual perspective, but also placed within the context of the … Continue reading

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Mark Bajerski on The Richie Allen show- “Dealing with fear, pain, loss, remorse and ultimately remembering who you are.”

“If you can not see what’s happening, if you cannot feel what is going on at this moment, then that makes me feel very sad, because your intuitive energy is obviously not working correctly. If anyone is out there saying … Continue reading

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Lars on in5d with Michelle Walling

Lars is back with Michelle Walling of in5d!  In this meditation, Lars connects with Lyrians on the 15th dimension and ask questions about human ascension, dealing with symptoms of higher-vibration energy our bodies are processing right now. A good listen. … Continue reading

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Barbara Marciniak – A Guided Meditation –

A guided meditation that will take you on a journey.  Well recommended.  You can convert this to an MP3 audio file HERE 1 hour 17 minutes. Immerse and enjoy.  

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Full Moon Paper: A tool of intention

I wrote this down from an Abraham Hicks and figured that since we’re at full moon tonight, it would be a good time to share.  I’ve just started to try this out.   Get a blank sheet of paper and … Continue reading

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Watch “A short but important message in the time frame we are in now” from Lars

Good stuff to know. =)

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