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Tolec from Dakote: DEEP DISCLOSURE, Down the Rabbit Hole, Interview Parts I & II

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find and know your truth. Topics touched on and quotes below video. Be well, Everyone. Background on M and Miss M Nesara St. Germaine and the prosperity funds There … Continue reading

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Sarah Westall Interview with Clif High, pt 2 – January 2017

See Part 1 HERE No preamble.  It’s Sarah Westall and Clif High. Be well, Everyone. Topics covered C60 Cryptos Space economy Phone Calls Silver Release of info on Earth’s history Cryptos

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Commentary – Observations on the Awareness of The Now

Just sharing some observations I’ve had regarding the topic of everything existing in the Now.  I’ll let the video do the talking.  If you need some familiarity with the concept of “the Now,” click on this page, and go down … Continue reading

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Commentary – Observations on the Splitting of the New Earth and the Old Earth

Just sharing some observations I’ve had regarding the topic of Earth splitting into two realities As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth. Enjoy. Miscellaneous Follow Epoch Blog on Twitter- @ciento36 If you’re interested … Continue reading

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Shared from Tiny Crypto Blog: Mike Novogratz – “The Herd Is Coming”

I’m sharing this, because the integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is big.  Like, internet-sized big.  Blockchain technology will revolutionize how systems operate in all facets of life, from banking, to politics, to peer-to-peer economic transactions.  For those of you … Continue reading

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Message from Montague Keen, October 22, 2017 – “Humanity has many facets but when necessary it must stand together.”

If you haven’t read Montague Keen before, his messages are channeled by his wife Veronica. Montague can be a bit of a fire brand at the time, but his message is direct and he makes no bones about what needs … Continue reading

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Alba Weinman QHHT Session 166 – Ambassador from the Intergalactic Federation of Light (with Jill Cole)

Potent.  When I listened (partook as a witness?) I felt a very deep energy open within me.  It certainly opened something within me that was there waiting to open up.  I see things a little more deeply and a little … Continue reading

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