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Critical Thinking Time: Is #QAnon a PsyOp That We’re All Being Taken On a Ride For?

Note: DYOR. I present this here for this purpose.  So the latest flowing through the youtube streams is that QAnon has been debunked as a falsehood. I’m starting to listen to some commentary, and in the spirit of DYOR (!) … Continue reading

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Via Kauilapele’s Blog: #QAnon (#Q) Postings 4-7-18… #1064 thru 1080″

Keeps getting interesting. Continue to DYOR and be well, Everyone. #QAnon (#Q) Postings 4-7-18… #1064 thru 1080″ Here’s another 17 Q posts, 1064 through 1080. There’s a few items here I’m not sure about, but some of the items were … Continue reading

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The Storm is Coming #YouTubePurge

“They’re burning books by the truckload.” There’s some chit-chat that this is in fact a coordinated take-down of alternative news outlets.  Wouldn’t be surprised.  If the fit is going to hit the shan for the deep state and its actors … Continue reading

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John Rappoport: “UFO Disclosure: the insider game of “reliable sources”

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth (and question the motives of your source.) Enjoy. by Jon Rappoport January 2, 2018 (UFO archive, here) In the current wave of UFO disclosures, the press (in … Continue reading

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From the Archives – “David Icke – Halloween: What Does it Really Mean?”

Same today as it was yesterday, but it needn’t be the same tomorrow. As always, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.

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Simon Parkes News Updates, June 4 2017

Simon’s Bio at the bottom of this piece. As always, do your research, use your discernment, and find the truth that speaks to you. Enjoy. Wolf Spirit Radio Attack Sunday, June 4, 2017 It appears that the website Wolf Spirit … Continue reading

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Simon Parkes on Connecting Consciousness with Jaypee, April 16, 2017

*Dec. 2018- Due to a falling out, JayPee has pulled down all the Connecting Consciousness shows from his YouTube Channel.  Simon has since put up his own channel, which you can find HERE.  You can also go to Simon’s website for … Continue reading

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