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Words of Inspiration – Clif High, June 2017 Alta Report

I pulled this from the closing statements of the June Crypto report.  I felt it appropriate to share given it does not reveal any direct web bot info, is relevent, and more importantly, it reinforces the energies building our new … Continue reading

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A Collection – The Wisdom of Alan Watts

Today I’m wanted to share some of the wisdom of Alan Wilson Watts, who was a British philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known for his interpretation and popularization of Asian philosophies for the Western minds.  I’ve found his perspective to very insightful, … Continue reading

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Brian’s Words: A Moment of Reflection – “Higher Energies”

The higher frequency energies that are manifesting on our planet feel good.  As humanity raises its collective vibration, we experience these energies as well as contribute to them.  They feel so much cleaner.  Happier.  I can see how practicing forgiveness … Continue reading

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Commentary – “The Shoe Is On the Other Foot – A Perspective”

With the change of administration in the White House, and more importantly, a change of political ideology, it is interesting to see how there has been a radical 180 shift in roles.  During the Obama administration you had the political … Continue reading

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Brian’s Words – Thoughts On A New World, A World Without Money

EDIT- See the added Simon Parkes video interview at the end.  It [Let me frame this up front by saying that the topic of a moneyless world is a very large subject with many, many details involved.  What’s simple, however, … Continue reading

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Vinny Eastwood – “Defining and Comparing Psychopathy & Brainwashing (aka, Mind Control is Everywhere and How We Fall For It.)”

Vinny Eastwood is an activist from New Zealand.  He’s a fairly awakened person.  If you follow his YouTube channel, you can appreciate his educated insight, and his dark, satirical humor, and his absolute dedication to bettering our world. This clip … Continue reading

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A Personal Note – Journal Entries

I’m reading The Great Depression: A Diary right now and it’s resonating with me to keep notes of external events alongside personal notes of the journey.  They seem worth sharing, if anything, as either commentary on current events, or as … Continue reading

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