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A Conversation: Tolec from Dakote and Mark Kimmel of Cosmic Paradigm, May 6, 2018

In this interview, Tolec covers a broad range of topics. His full history on Earth, first-contact experiences, then goes into details on the Andrameda Council, some of Earth’s history, possible “disclosure” scenarios. [“By their actions they shall be known” – … Continue reading

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Tolec Speaks About Time and the 4D Transformation

This was from 2014. I find it interesting to look at it with the benefit of hindsight to see what has shown to be true and consistent. Enjoy and be well, Everyone.    

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Tolec from Dakote: DEEP DISCLOSURE, Down the Rabbit Hole, Interview Parts I & II

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find and know your truth. Topics touched on and quotes below video. Be well, Everyone. Background on M and Miss M Nesara St. Germaine and the prosperity funds There … Continue reading

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Roundtable Discussion – Tolec, Adona, Viking, Galactic Interstellar Council on Wolf Spirit Radio, July 16, 2017

A good round table discussion.  The participants talk the process of upliftment, with commentary and pointers.  If this material is new to you, you’ll have plenty to take in. As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to … Continue reading

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Message from Tolec 12-24-16… “Galactic, Torsion, Energy Ascension Wave… Its Meaning for Humanity & Implications” via Kauilepe’s blog

[My only background on Tolec is from roundtable discussions produced on Wolf Spirit Radio and this post.  I know pretty much nothing on his background.  I found this to be a good post, because it describes the first-hand experience one goes … Continue reading

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Ever Beyond with JP: Win Keech, Simon Parkes, Alex Collier & Tolec – Roundtable

The third installment. Short notes and touch points: The first contact of Lyria and the spreading of humanoid life. 630,000,000 Earth years ago. The Lyrians that “arrived” on Earth 500,000,000 years ago.  Those that survived became part of the Simian … Continue reading

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