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Alba Weinman – QHHT Session 141 – “Earth Changes, Entities, Spirit Animals & Oracles”

“The door is open.  This is the time when you must do what is in your heart.” This was a good session.  It covers a message to everyone to believe in their ability to manifesting reality, understanding the experience on … Continue reading

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What a Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital

Originally posted on Mission Galactic Freedom:
From a shamanic point of view, mental illness is not what most people think it is. It is signaling for the birth of a healer, this meaning that they come to aid in the…

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Message from Montague, July 16, 2017 – “Connect with who you really are, and all is revealed to you.”

If you haven’t read Montague Keen before, his messages are channeled by his wife Veronica. Montague can be a fire brand, but his message is direct and makes no bones about what needs to be acknowledged and addressed. He doesn’t … Continue reading

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“I need to rid myself of my demons.” Robert Stanley on the Vinnie Eastwood show.

This was an old draft I found in my archives, so I decided to share it.  The notes may or may not be in any particular order, so you should probably just take this as a colorful Vinnie Eastwood show. … Continue reading

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Mindful Quotes – Money

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The History of (Rockefeller) Medicine (aka, the western medicine cartel) via Jordan Sather

A good, quick overview of how medicine in the US was brought to you by Money and Greed- together, they’ll make sure a few select people are enriched at the cost of the whole. As always, do your homework, use … Continue reading

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Lee Harris Energy Update, May 5, 2017

“Control is a myth.” – Lee Harris In this energy update, Lee talks about going easy on yourself when things are not clicking for you.  He defines what a lightworker is and how to manage the basement feelings that we … Continue reading

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