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DYOR (!)

I’ll cheat this one and tell you what it stands for: Do Your Own Research (!)

I stress this importance, because 1) your truth (and what applies to your worldview at a given moment in time) differs from another person’s.

2) you need to come to your own conclusions and not just that of people who echo thoughts and ideals that simply resonate with you. When you do that, you off-source your thinking and decision-making to an outside entity (and fail to use a part of the brain that everyone has for independent thought.)

So if you see someone making claims to debunk something ir someone, read about it. In my path, doing that has been one if the best things to experience, because it forces you to divorce yourself from a belief and its source in the process of figuring out if the debunker is accurate or not. In that way, you gain perspective.

Once you develop this ability of critical thought, like anything gained, you never want to give it up, precisely because it is such a powerful tool at your disposal.

So DYOR (!) and be well, Everyone.

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