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Bashar On Abundance and Trusting What Is

I never thought of abundance this way, but it’s not just about money as the sole expression of abundance.  [Since the time that this originally posted, I’ve found myself coming back to this clip many times, as it has proven … Continue reading

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Crypt0 – “Will You Be A Crypto Billionaire? (Brock Pierce -The World Blockchain Forum)”

This isn’t so much about cryptos as it is about abundance, living in a win-win, colaborative world (which even touches on principles of the law of attraction,) and how these changes are here.  Now. As always, do your research, use … Continue reading

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Brian’s Words – Thoughts On A New World, A World Without Money

EDIT- See the added Simon Parkes video interview at the end.  It [Let me frame this up front by saying that the topic of a moneyless world is a very large subject with many, many details involved.  What’s simple, however, … Continue reading

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“Follow Your Frequency” The Skyaia Show, ep 79

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough. ” Melody Beaty This was a very moving episode of the Skaia show, where Simon talks about the missing component to the Law Of Attraction, aka The Secret: acceptance.  You need to have acceptance … Continue reading

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Messages from David Boyle and Maarten HorstMartin Hoorst on ET First Contact Radio

I started to really listen to David Boyle (via Maarten Hoorst) and the channeled messages that they share;  as it is, these messages are what is relevent to my journey right now, and I am seeing that happen.   That … Continue reading

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