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David Icke: Who Built the Matrix?

A discussion of the archons/jin/demons/chitauri.  If you’ve follow David’s work, you’ll see how this plays into the behavior of those in positions of authority and influence and how it contributes to the disharmony we’re experiencing today. Enjoy, DYOR, and be … Continue reading

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Interview: David Icke on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church, March 27, 2018

In this interview, David touches on the recent exposure of social media data mining, how it plays into the bigger picture of the movement towards merging human consciousness with Artificial Intelligence, our (deliberately) distorted perception of reality, and how it … Continue reading

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About Archons and Attached Parasitic Entities

It’s been awhile since I’ve delved into the deeper topics to which we don’t have widely available confirmation of.  This video touches on a lot of the points stated many places on the race/entities referred to as archons. That said, … Continue reading

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Simon Parkes on Connecting Consciousness with JayPee- Jan 15, 2017

*Dec. 2018- Due to a falling out, JayPee has pulled down all the Connecting Consciousness shows from his YouTube Channel.  Simon has since put up his own channel, which you can find HERE.  You can also go to Simon’s website for … Continue reading

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Watching “Alba Weinman – Two Past Lives and Unblocking Sexual Energy”

[This paticular session fascinated me.  Alba went three levels deep, having the client connect not only with her past lives, but also with entities that she had made agreements with, PLUS a level deeper via said entity (Archons?) and she … Continue reading

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Message from Montague Keen: “When you see the full picture…you see how the takeover was put in motion.”

Source The Montague Keen Foundation website Message from Monague, 10/30/2016 Things have speeded up on Earth because of the extensive exposure of the corruption. This had to happen first. There is so much more that must be taken into account … Continue reading

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Biblioteca Pleyades – Weekly Headlines

This weeks headlines from the best every-growing library database of current affairs, esoterics, exopolitics, technology, Earth history, galactic history, etc., and so on. Enjoy. Source Humanity’s History Another Human Timeline Revealed – Graham Hancock Shatters Modern History Cosmos The Curious … Continue reading

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