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Fireside Chat: The Process of “Ascension” Won’t be Smooth Sailing- A First-Hand Account

I was recalling to myself how the process of experiencing greater amounts of inner awareness “ascending, ” if you will is not going to be a kumbaya experience. If you’ve done any reading as of late, there’s been a lot … Continue reading

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“Surviving the Transition – Full Disclosure, Solar Flash, our Future and Ascension”

In this video, Corey covers a lot of details.  He touches on points that have been mentioned elsewhere, but he does tie in these points well. Notes are below the video. Enjoy, DYOR, and be well, Everyone. Notes Anshar and … Continue reading

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Valerie Donner “Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: ‘All is Moving Forward’”

Kauilapele shared this over on his blog, but I decided to post it in full here.  This is in line with the messages I hear coming from many places: Montague Keen, Alba Weinman’s clients, my own inner experiences, and in … Continue reading

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Laura Eisenhower – Ascension and the 13th Gate – Contact in the Desert 2017, June 2, 2017

A good interview of Laura Eisenhower.  She covers a lot of turf on the topic of what I would simply term the rising human consciousness.  It resonates pretty strongly, so I just had to share.  A short watch (25 mins.) … Continue reading

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Watch ” Alba Weinman – Dark Forces and the Earth’s Ascension”

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) was developed by Dolores Cannon as a method of taking someone into a deep, meditative state for the purposes of healing any issues that people would be having (relationships, addiction, self-perception, etc.)  In the course … Continue reading

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Hank and Lars – What it’s like in the future (Reality after the Ascension)

“Intuition is your communication with your soul.” -Lars Sarnhult Hank Jones follows Lars Sarnhult as he ascends to a 12th dimensional council and asks questions related to Earths (eventual) ascension/upliftment to the 5th dimension. Notes: 2021 is the year the … Continue reading

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The Beginning is Near (Intel, Current Events Compilation)

A good compilation of information. Definately worth a read just for getting you to think “what if…?” From TruthEarth Follow Johnathan on Twitter The Beginning is Near It is becoming very obvious that we are on the brink of experiencing … Continue reading

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