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A Word from the Editor…

Hey all.  I know that over the last few months, the material I’ve published has pretty much been Simon Parkes, Montague Keen, Alba Weinman QHHT sessions and Three Amigos roundtable talks.  The material I’ve published on Epoch Blog has always … Continue reading

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Commentary – Observations on the Splitting of the New Earth and the Old Earth

Just sharing some observations I’ve had regarding the topic of Earth splitting into two realities As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth. Enjoy. Miscellaneous Follow Epoch Blog on Twitter- @ciento36 If you’re interested … Continue reading

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End of An Epoch

It’s dawned on me that the original mission of this blog is no longer in alignment with where I am in life right now.  I feel that there are some fantastic sources of news, information and commentary out there that … Continue reading

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Commentary – “The Shoe Is On the Other Foot – A Perspective”

With the change of administration in the White House, and more importantly, a change of political ideology, it is interesting to see how there has been a radical 180 shift in roles.  During the Obama administration you had the political … Continue reading

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Getting Personal – It Began Eight Years Ago…

My journey of awakening, (but technically began in a speech class in high school with the question “Ask ‘why?’”) As I walked through the train stop after work the other day, I recalled a scene from eight years ago at … Continue reading

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On A Personal Note…

The world is fundamentally changing.  Are you fundamentally changing with it? We are One.  We are symbiotic.  Changes in one necessitate changes in the whole.  It is a dynamic state.  The collective vibration and frequency is changing.  Is yours changing … Continue reading

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“What is Now?” Epoch  Blog video Series #2

In the newest video I delve a little into the aspects of what is “Now,” and how soul fragments and “past lives” play into it.  Enjoy. Edit: From Tom T Moore’s blog: http://www.thegentlewaybook.com/mailwizz/index.php/campaigns/tk9920mtg60e8  Your soul is much more powerful than … Continue reading

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