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David Icke: We Are The Ocean

In this clip fron the 2017 Worldwide Wake Up Tour, David goes over how it is we are all Oneness of the same mind, the same energy, and everything In our world has Consciousness. As always, do your research, use … Continue reading

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Clif High Inteview on You Create Your Reality – “Consciousness & The Law of Attraction With Clif High (The Smartest man Alive)” July 22, 2017

In this interview, Clif shares his personal background, aspects to the Law of Attraction, the mechanics of the web bot spiders, and consciousness itself.   He also goes into the solar flow, solar cycles, the Mauder Minimum and the new … Continue reading

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Quote Drawer: David Wilcock – “We Are Going Through a Heart-Opening, Energetic Transformation”

“They [the cabal] don’t understand the consciousness shift. We are going through a heart-opening, energetic transformation that’s going to lead to people becoming a lot more ethical, and a lot more positive. And so what’s happening is, that when they … Continue reading

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