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Corey Good & Roger Richards: 4th Density Consciousness

I listened to this the other day and found that the information that Corey and Roger shared not only came at a perfectly synchronistic time for me, the information itself was very relevant, and I could see (and have been … Continue reading

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Via Kauilapele’s Blog: Corey Goode Facebook update, 11-9-18… “Alliance Update”

Again, I’m sharing this more for the parallel narrative than anything else.  If details pan out to be true, so be it. Regardless, it will be good to see the story line unfold on the journey of upliftment/ascension, in which … Continue reading

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Via Truth Earth: “Corey Goode Update | Anshar Healing and Restoration of Contact, Alliance Infiltrated, Partial Disclosure Push, Military Tribunals, Big Things Coming — 11:11”

It’s been awhile since I’ve come across some good Corey Goode material, but this fits the bill of being worth sharing.  Like anything, it’s tough to verify, but that will be up to you, the reader to determine what fits … Continue reading

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Presentation: “Ancient Pyramid Science & Hidden Human History – Dr Sam Osmanagich & Corey Goode”

This was a presentation with Q&A mixed in. Corey covered a lot of content of other races and bigger-picture action(s), and Dr. Osmanagich covered a lot of the physical evidence with pyramid structures around the world. They answer questions on pyramids … Continue reading

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“Surviving the Transition – Full Disclosure, Solar Flash, our Future and Ascension”

In this video, Corey covers a lot of details.  He touches on points that have been mentioned elsewhere, but he does tie in these points well. Notes are below the video. Enjoy, DYOR, and be well, Everyone. Click HERE for … Continue reading

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Remote Viewing Blue Avians & the Secret Space Program in Corey Goode and David Wilcock’s Disclosure

Hm.  I categorized remote viewing as “telepathic communications” because from my perspective, it’s interaction with higher-frequency energies within the energetic soup. Some interesting insights, indeed.  Interesting. As always, DYOR, enjoy and be well, Everyone.  

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Sarah Westall Interview with Clif High, pt 2 – January 2017

See Part 1 HERE No preamble.  It’s Sarah Westall and Clif High. Be well, Everyone. Topics covered C60 Cryptos Space economy Phone Calls Silver Release of info on Earth’s history Cryptos

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