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Epochblog Video Series # 3 – Global Financial Reset & A World Without Money

I had to chop this into two parts due to an interruption during recording.  If I can ever find a way to merge them, it will happen. That said, in this installment, I discuss the topics of a global financial … Continue reading

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Words of jsnip- Lindsey Williams update, via Youtube

I follow the videos of jsnip4 (of Realist News) on YouTube, and he posts commentary on the DVDs put out by Lindsey Williams (whom I’m barely familiar with, but who appearantly knows some people that are “insiders” to the upper … Continue reading

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charles hugh smith-Weblog and Essays

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  Whoops.  Been occupied with other happenings, plus, the state of affairs was relatively unchanged, PLUS, I haven’t come across much, if any, material worth sharing, PLUS, I haven’t had the resources to post, so…here … Continue reading

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Spanish government struggles with crisis message – Yahoo! Finance

AP news report that focuses on Spain’s sovereign debt issues. The next bowling pin behind Greece? Spanish government struggles with crisis message – Yahoo! Finance Posted using ShareThis

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Round 13 – Greek slump threatens debt plan, EU aid elusive – Yahoo! Finance

The skinny – round 13 of How-to-handle-Greece. I didn’t think that there was any resolution last week and the end of the article says it all: “Another EU source said that even if ministers could agree on details of an … Continue reading

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A Summation

Of the events of our recent time, much can be said. There are many facets, many faces and even more possible outcomes, of which I can say thus: we live in a time where there currently many large, wide-scale factors, … Continue reading

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – Now Meet The Greece Of Asia

The skinny: The Business Insider reports this snippet on Vietnam’s fortunes ending up Greece-like. Quoteth: “Not only does over-stimulation in Vietnam presage a similar crisis in China, but an economic collapse in Vietnam could destroy investor confidence throughout the region.” … Continue reading

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