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Simon Parkes News Updates, June 4 2017

Simon’s Bio at the bottom of this piece. As always, do your research, use your discernment, and find the truth that speaks to you. Enjoy. Wolf Spirit Radio Attack Sunday, June 4, 2017 It appears that the website Wolf Spirit … Continue reading

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Epoch Blog Video Series #4: Podesta Emails #30, Possible Pedophilia ties

Here is a video that covers the Podesta Email release #30.  What started with #SpiritCooking on twitter evolved into the possibility of elite pedophile rings actually getting the light of day, in our face, whether we’re ready for it or … Continue reading

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Epochblog Video Series # 3 – Global Financial Reset & A World Without Money

I had to chop this into two parts due to an interruption during recording.  If I can ever find a way to merge them, it will happen. That said, in this installment, I discuss the topics of a global financial … Continue reading

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Hollow Earth, Atlantis and Origins of Humans, part 2 – Secrets of the Brotherhood

Some really good historical nuggets about esoteric societies, including the Thule Society in early 20th century Germany and how it shaped the ideology of both Nazi and Adoph Hitler.  There are some vagarities interspersed through this, it’s good enough for … Continue reading

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Michael Tsarion interview on Freeman Perspective, 2005

If you’ve never listened to Michael Tsarion, this is a good intro/gateway to his material. Enjoy, and be well, Everyone. For more posts with Michael Tsarion information, click HERE

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FraterX interview with Freeman Fly on The Middle Chamber

Feed your mind. Good stuff.  They touch on Free Masonry, diversionary disclosure (Dan Brown novels, Ancient Aliens,) and more.  I’ll update as I can.  Lots of juicy stuff.     Even transhumanism got a mention.  (Personal PC drives for storage, … Continue reading

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David Icke – Alien Rulers

David’s covers many topics: Could Mars have hosted sentience? British roots and other contributions ny the Phoenicians. Ley lines, ancient monuments, and tge modern architechure of major cities. The use of esoteric symbols in everyday living (as well as their … Continue reading

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