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QHHT Session: “Hank Jones II and Lars Sarnhult- GV Session 100 BC Ancient Egypt Under Roman Rule”

I’m on the road this week, so I’m mixing up the material.  Here is a QHHT/regressive hypnosis session between Hank Jones II (Passed) and Lars Sarnhult. I first came across them back in 2016 via an In5D interview and QHHT … Continue reading

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Hank and Lars – What it’s like in the future (Reality after the Ascension)

“Intuition is your communication with your soul.” -Lars Sarnhult Hank Jones follows Lars Sarnhult as he ascends to a 12th dimensional council and asks questions related to Earths (eventual) ascension/upliftment to the 5th dimension. Notes: 2021 is the year the … Continue reading

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Hank and Lars channels Dolores Cannon – 9/23/2016

Comment – “everything is taking place simultaneously.” Hmm. Lars’ Youtube channel Hank’s Youtube channel I’ll leave the content for you to check out of yourself. Part I Part II Part III Part IV

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Opening Salvo: Hank & Lars on in5d

Since I’ve listened to Hank Jones II and Lars Sarnhult on in5d.com’s youtube channel, I’ve found that their messages have had a lot of good information. Disclaimer: I haven’t done much background research on either if them; in fact, I … Continue reading

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