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Via Kauilapele’s Blog: “Cobra Update 9-26-18… ‘Situation Update'”

I’m sharing this, because of what I read near the end of this post: Partially, he [Trump] is (rarely) also listening to guidance of the Positive Military Intelligence, and the Positive Military Intelligence is tactically stroking his ego by encouraging … Continue reading

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Thread by @_ImperatorRex_: “How Team Trump is preparing the normies for what is coming : major Swamp Draining.#

Interesting stuff.  It also adds some confirmation bias to the viewpoint I hold that the Q Anon narrative should not be held as gospel (DYOR!) Take this information as you will.  We’ll see how this unfolds. Be well, Everyone. For … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking Time: Is #QAnon a PsyOp That We’re All Being Taken On a Ride For?

Note: DYOR. I present this here for this purpose.  So the latest flowing through the youtube streams is that QAnon has been debunked as a falsehood. I’m starting to listen to some commentary, and in the spirit of DYOR (!) … Continue reading

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Jordan Sather on X22: QAnon and the Deep State Takedown

A good overview of QAnon and the events that the posts are exposing. It makes some good soft disclosure for those not yet awake to what’s been going on behind the scenes with the take down of the malevolent bad … Continue reading

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Jordan Sather, QAnon Updates, 1200-1238

Jordan Sather sums up posts 1200-1238 with his commentary and basic connect-the-dots the best. Enjoy, educate yourself, and be well, Everyone.

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