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John Mauldin – Rethinking Education

John Mauldin is an investment personality.  I’ve read him on and off for about a decade (as of this post.)  Occasionally he comments on things outside the realm of investment and economics.  In this case, it is education. My own … Continue reading

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Between Dire and Disastrous – Thoughts From The Frontline – InvestorsInsight.com

The next exciting chapter of, “The Great Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis.” In this episode, John Mauldin, on Thoughts from the Frontline provides further breakdown of the limiting paths that the national government of Greece has to choose from with possible … Continue reading

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If PIIGS Could Fly – John Mauldin’s Outside the Box – InvestorsInsight.com

The skinny skinny: After Monday’s post concerning sovereign debt, today’s post further extrapolates on the sovereign debt issue. From reading this, I’ve come to see that we are seeing a human behavior coming to a close. A pattern of behavior … Continue reading

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This Time is Different – Thoughts From The Frontline – InvestorsInsight.com

My skinny: After reading Mr. Mauldin’s take this week on Greece and reading “This Time its Different” by Carmen Reinhart ande Kenneth Rogoff (I plan on reading it myself now,) the assessment is that either the Greeks take the pain … Continue reading

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