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Message from Montague, August 20, 2017 – “Your Moment Has Come to Raise Your Consciousness”

If you haven’t read Montague Keen before, his messages are channeled by his wife Veronica. Montague can come off as a bit of a fire brand, but his message is direct and makes no bones about what needs to be … Continue reading

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Mindful Quotes – Money

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Oil, Money, Population- F. William Engdahl, “Rockefeller, Gruesome Legacy”

I think this adds a few good points on david rockefeller’s influence in affairs.  I’ll let the piece do the talking. Do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth. Enjoy. D. Rockefeller’s Gruesome Legacy – http://wp.me/p6iT86-3RQContinue reading

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David Icke Interview – What Is Money?


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Clif High interview – Spring 2016

In this interview, Clif High covers a broad range of topics, including some of the mechanics of his webbot report. [I found this particular interview to be very insightful, as he shared a lot of his outlook and perspective.] Some … Continue reading

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Epochblog Video Series # 3 – Global Financial Reset & A World Without Money

I had to chop this into two parts due to an interruption during recording.  If I can ever find a way to merge them, it will happen. That said, in this installment, I discuss the topics of a global financial … Continue reading

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Simon Parkes on Connected Consiousness 7/3/16 – “We are at decision day”

Weekly interview with JayPee on Wolfstrong Radio. If I missed a question asked/topic covered, my apologies. Enjoy. Q&A Are timelines and dimensions connected? The Hadron Collider has evolved to a partially self-aware AI wifi interference why pets don’t lose hair … Continue reading

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