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Critical Thinking Time: Is #QAnon a PsyOp That We’re All Being Taken On a Ride For?

Note: DYOR. I present this here for this purpose.  So the latest flowing through the youtube streams is that QAnon has been debunked as a falsehood. I’m starting to listen to some commentary, and in the spirit of DYOR (!) … Continue reading

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William Banzai – FaKe NeWS MaDNeSS

Shared from Western Rifle Shooters Association. Enjoy. Banzai! – http://wp.me/p1zsyr-ds

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The Skyception Series (from TwoIceFloes.com)

Great three-parter that was published on TwoIceFloes.com, which is managed by Cognitive Dissonance.   The article was written by Morpheus, and makes a valid discussion asking: is the whole geoengineering/chemtrail debate carefully crafted to distract us from realizing that the … Continue reading

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