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Image Gallery/Quote of the Day: Via Amir Rosic

Enjoy, and take it to heart, Everyone. Advertisements

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Image Gallery/Quote of the Day: Mother Mary and Peace

Our world heals when we collectively heal ourselves.

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Quote Drawer: Matt Kahn on Truth

When I heard this, it fell right in line with my oft stated “seek to find your own truth.” Be well, Everyone. Pulled from Matt Kahn- “Dissolving the Veil” “The truth is like a staircase.  You step on to the … Continue reading

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Quote Drawer: Montague Keen on Hate

“Hate is destructive to the hater. It affects all those around him. What causes one to hate? It is because they have failed themselves that they resort to hate. It is all they have left, and assuredly, it will destroy … Continue reading

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Quotable: David Icke

“When something comes out of nowhere, and suddenly is everywhere, it is the Agenda.” – David Icke David is talking about how there is a coordinated effort to divert the public’s attention in a certain direction and use the media … Continue reading

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Quote Drawer – The Event

This quote I pulled from a recent Alba Weinman QHHT session.  It is commentary around the Event.  The Event is a moment in time when a very large wave (actually, I just learned WAVES of energy) that either comes from … Continue reading

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Quotes – Jordan Maxwell on Religion

Getting this quote from just audio down to print is something I’ve been meaning to do  for some time.  It doesn’t necessarily fit my truth for where I am right now, but I think it would be beneficial to others, … Continue reading

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