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Oldies and Goodies Series: David Icke- Freedom Road (1998)

We now have the benefit of watching this with hindsight, to see all the ways in which David Icke is right. His conclusions may not always be on point, but he brings up information that enables people to DYOR, put … Continue reading

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The History of (Rockefeller) Medicine (aka, the western medicine cartel) via Jordan Sather

A good, quick overview of how medicine in the US was brought to you by Money and Greed- together, they’ll make sure a few select people are enriched at the cost of the whole. As always, do your homework, use … Continue reading

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Cobra / Prepare for Change: September [9-29-16] Interview… Transcript and Video and MP3 player — via Kauilapele’s Blog

I found this interview to be particularly interesting.  A good read. Kauilapele’s Twitter I’ve yet to read the entire article, or listen, but there is a lot of information here. This is distinct from the Taiwan PFC Cobra interview. The … Continue reading

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