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Videos Of Worthy Note…

These is a list of posts I’ve shared or things I’ve consumed that I feel would be of benefit and deserves its own page for permanent reference.

Symbols of an Alien Sky

JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick (be sure to backup a copy. YouTube continues to sanitize their platform by shutting downs videos like this under “Terms Of Service violations”)

Also viewable at: https://www.bitchute.com/video/vsT4rOS03wXi/

Simon Atkins & David Cohen: the Birthing of a New World

This is a 5-part series of the Skyaia show that Simon Atkins has on his youtube channel, and the messages, insight and perspectives that David Cowan shares are wonderful.  They help to re-shape our value system from one of duality and limitation (in the 3rd dimension,) to one of the Infinate and living in the now (5th dimension.)

Part 1


  • Re-alignment of perspectives
  • Ahmenhotep and the implementation (temportary) of monotheism
  • “All fear-based systems are inherently self-destructive.”

Part 2


  • Annunaki contribution to the introduction of mathmatics, cosmology, metalurgy and agriculture
  • Dinosaurs are a product of a different electromagnetic frequency on Earth
  • Have humans evolved backwards?
  • Enki- the Annunaki geneticist shown as the Serpent

The common threads of the three abrahmic religions:
Suppressed female rights/subjugated the female
Worshipped dieties of two personalities
Believed that that each of their own religions was superior over the other two

Part 3


Enki as “Yahweh”
Ahmenhotep and monotheism

The three Abrahimic religions transferred the idea of a (blood) sacrifice on to the idea of Jesus.

The establishment of divide-and-conquer amongst humanity


#Disclosure will happen when Humanity is ready to be our own saviors (external ones don’t work out too good for us.)


“You’re in your movie, and as convincing as it gets, your destiny is to walk out, shake your head and say, “Wasn’t that something?”

“We are not alone in the ocean- we are the ocean.”

“Time is a mind construct.”

“The basis of judgement stems from the notion of separation.”

“Life is not limited to one expression.”

“Perception is time-based.”

“Allow love to replace fear and you are already in the new world.”

“All fear-based systems are inherently self-destructive.”

Part 4


  • Detatch yourself from the outcome- focus on the moment-by-moment experience of now.
  • Time is an expression of duality/separation
  • As co-creative beings, we collectively decided to experience separation, but took it to extremes, and we got lost in the illusion.
  • The shortfall of linear thought.
  • Mayans and the “Time of No Time”

40:08 Meditation Symbols


Chaos Theory:  “Any chaotic experience or system or thing or situation, given enough perspective, a pattern will emerge.”

“What is real is what doesn’t change.”

“Is anything in a dream real?”

“The pull of the future is now growing stronger than the drag of the past.”

“It’s the fear of the past and the anticipation of the future that takes us out of our peace ” (of living in the Now.)

“All thought produces form on some level.”

Part  5

David Icke: Wembley 2007, Human Race Get Off Your Knees, 7hr presentation

Michael Tsarion: Age of Manipulation

Preview of Parts 2 and 3: 03:06:05

Part 2: 03:07:58

Part 3: 06:65:02

Zeitgeist 1

Zeitgeist 3

Guided Meditation, Barbara Marciniak, How We Make Happiness

I close out this page with a message from David Icke:


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